Gettin’ Naked With Ronda Rousey

We didn’t exactly get naked together, unfortunately. But, she did in order to distract attention from her wounded foot during a weigh in.  Wanna know the definition of dedication? Ask Rowdy Ronda Rousey. Not one person who I have previously interviewed spoke about fighting with as much passion and intensity as Ronda did.  We all know, or SHOULD know that Rousey started training in Judo at a very young age under the influence of her mother. At this time, martial arts wasn’t as popularized as it is today. Because of this, Ronda says she was made fun of at school. She wore sweatshirts in 80 degree weather  to hide her toned arms and found herself assigned to community service for fighting those who were mean to her. As far as prom and boys go-forget about it. She was too busy competing in the Olympics.

Due to the fact that Ronda has been fighting most of her life, I was curious as to if she considers herself an athlete before a fighter or a fighter before an athlete. “I really do feel like a fighter first,” she answered. A fighter indeed. Rousey is undefeated and is extremely confident that she will remain that way. Losing is simply not an option and the idea of it places an indescribable feeling in her stomach.

Aside from the trash talking and threats blown up in the media, Ronda is actually pretty easy going. Of course, little things get to her like trusted friends recording her private conversations in the  gym and releasing selected excerpts to the public. Or myself questioning her about celebrities she hates- aside from Kim Kardashian. She seems to work around  incidents such as these just fine… “I let things slide over and over and over and over every day until, you known it builds up in most people and they are just angry all the time. You know you see them. People who are just angry for no reason all day.  And if I have that one big battle every couple of months and I get to start all over again to be the nice calm person that you see”.

Men. Ronda is single, but if you can’t keep up with her in a wrestling match or don’t have the balls to tell her when she’s “being a b***h”-don’t bother. She’s not interested. Now, I know you want to hear more about her naked weigh in, so here is the link to that: 

Enjoy and catch the full episode of 3 Rounds With… Ronda Rousey this Monday. Only on Blackbelt TV.




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